Wednesday, June 04, 2008

My network

New SSH keys generated to login without password on my server, macbook, imac and website. Works nicely. I have set MacFusion to mount automatically.

I've put back the r8169 network card in my server and it now appears to be running stable. Perhaps it's also because I upgraded the kernel version again to 2.6.24-gentoo-r3. Oh and I soldered 3 capacitors on it. They always leave out some to make it cheaper.
[edit]Shit.. still problematic[/edit]

After fiddling with MAC address in Time Machine to backup over firewire target disk mode, I found out that Apple added a hidden feature that enables network disks. With this gigabit network, that should go speedy although it still could be buggy or cause system hiccups. I wouldn't try backing up with my disk or imac turned/turning off though.
This method does not use the filesystem feature with hardlinks etc. but creates one big file: "{machine name}_{MAC address}.sparsebundle". It's probably more optimal for network links.

Btw, my macbook is named Diana and my imac Morte. From Noir-et-Blanc, which I have not seen yet but do have the Morte figurine. The internal HDDs are also called like that to prevent confusion when mounting them over the network.